Welcome to the new and improved

Melissa & HOT DOG! Groomers


Melissa is truly the sweetest, most beautiful woman I have ever met and I am blessed to call her my wife. She is an excellent groomer and her gentle hand and sweet spirit are always evident in her dealings with the dogs. Melissa was born and raised in the mountains of Colorado and her life has always been filled with animals - dogs, cats, ferrets, guinea pigs, rabbits, pigeons, parrots and only God knows what else. One day, my mother watched as Melissa patiently groomed our Samoyed and realized that Melissa had a gift. She called the Colorado Career Academy and just a few weeks later, Melissa was in grooming school.  


Melissa graduated from Colorado Career Academy's School of Dog Grooming in August of 1992 and we opened the original HOT DOG! Groomers in Granby,  Colorado  - her hometown - in November of the same year.  We sold the business  just over two years later in order to move where we could enroll our eldest son in a Christian school.

After moving to Texas in 1994, Melissa spent ten years grooming in veterinary clinics in the Arlington  area - the last eight for Dr. Mike Frizzell at Matlock Oaks Animal  Clinic.  Dr. Frizzell is a great guy and a gifted veterinarian with the  heart of a teacher.  He enjoys sharing his knowledge with his staff.   Melissa learned about various skin conditions and treatments. She  learned how to recognize assorted ailments - serious and not-so-serious -  and which might require veterinary attention.  She always told Dr.  Frizzell that she would leave only if she were to open her own shop.   


In  February 2005, we moved to Burleson and did just that.  We toyed with other names, but everyone we talked to said we should stick with HOT DOG! Groomers.  Consequently, HOT DOG! Groomers was reborn.  Before we opened our doors on March 21, 2005, we knelt in the front room of the  shop and dedicated our endeavor to God.  Given our location (hidden  behind a strip mall) and our anemic advertising budget, we knew that the  only way our business would succeed was with God's blessing.  It has  succeeded beyond our expectations and we owe it all to Him.  We give a  portion of our profits each month to charity as a token of our gratitude  to Him.  Our shop is nothing fancy, but it is clean and was built  entirely without debt.  The dogs in Melissa's care are loved and treated  as her own.   HOT DOG! Groomers is open from 8:00 a.m. ~ 5:00 p.m. Monday ~ Friday.