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Merry Christmas


Happy New Year 2011


This year, I lost three of my clients.  Two were not only

clients, but good friends who spent many hours in the shop talking

to me at length about all sorts of things.  These were friends who

go back to my days at Matlock Oaks Animal Clinic in Arlington and

followed me to Burleson when I opened HOT DOG! Groomers almost

six years ago.  I hope they knew how much I loved them and valued

their friendship.  The other, unfortunately, wasn’t one I knew well, but I

consider his wife a friend.  I have cried with her and prayed for her.


I am reminded of something written by one of my favorite authors over

a hundred years ago.


“When death closes the eyes, when the hands are folded upon the silent breast, how quickly feelings of variance change! There is no grudging, no bitterness; slights and wrongs are forgiven, forgotten. How many loving words are spoken of the dead! How many good things in their life are brought to mind! Praise and commendation are now freely expressed; but they fall upon ears that hear not, hearts that feel not. Had these words been spoken when the weary spirit needed them so much, when the ear could hear and the heart could feel, what a pleasant picture would have been left in the memory! How many, as they stand awed and silent beside the dead, recall with shame and sorrow the words and acts that brought sadness to the heart now forever still! Let us now bring all the beauty, love, and kindness we can into our life. Let us be thoughtful, grateful, patient, and forbearing in our intercourse with one another. Let the thoughts and feelings which find expression around the dying and the dead be brought into the daily association with our brethren and sisters in life.


Christmastime has impressed upon me the need to let each of you know how very special you are to me and how blessed I am that you have been a part of my life.  God has given me incredible clients with wonderful dogs.  I have enjoyed the time spent talking to each of you.  I have been humbled over the years by many kind words and touched by many prayers.  You have become

both friends and family and I love each of you.


It is my hope and prayer that God will continue to bless you

and your loved ones in 2011 and beyond.


Melissa Gerdts



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Once again, HOT DOG! Groomers is carrying the always beautiful and always fashionable City Girl Scarves by Jo-Ann ~ made right here in Burleson.  For 2010, Jo-Ann has added hats and dog collar scarves to compliment her collection and many of these are available as matching sets.  They are absolutely beautiful and they make excellent and reasonably priced Christmas gifts.  The dog collar scarves come in a variety of sizes and everything comes in a variety of colors and designs.

Scarves                   $15.00 to $18.00

Hats                                        $15.00
Dog Collar Scarves                $10.00


New this year for Christmas is a collection of plates, birdhouses and other unique items from the Accents by Amy Collection ~ also made right here in Burleson.  Many are “dog-themed” and all are unique and reasonable priced.